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Engineering department

          DAYE engineering department has a stable team on specializing in diecasting and mould development for more than 15 years,We can help you which from ideas transform into finished product according to your needs.
          Our designer will start from analysis of mold and diecasting feasiblity to provide you the best products application program,Our engineer will provide you       accurate and complete mould design programme and product 3D products images by using computer engineering technology, The key to provide the most accurate and most suitable products,which is basic on a rich design experience and advanced design concepts to developed each set of reasonable ,high precision mould. and ensure the products qualification rate and precision requirement,And this is inseparable from our mould flow technology,according to different mould design schemes to make mold flow analysis, It effectively help us solve the problem of exhaust, shrinkage and material shortage when die casting.

DAYE engineering department advantages


Quality department
         Quality department's measuring equipment: spectrometers, voltage and current measurements and other data measurement instruments, equipped with an independent quality management system to monitor the outstanding team of products. Our product policy is to let quality speak.


DAYE mould workshop advantages
        The mould workshop under the Engineering Department has a first-class mould production team and perfect equipment to ensure that we can maintain the existing molds and develop new molds according to different needs of customers. The mould workshop also can effectively prolong the mould life cycle by daily maintenance. Our mould storage warehouse management is perfect to ensure that we can arrange mould production in the first time according to customer orders, and save mold turnover costs and time.



         DAYE has 6sets cold chamber aluminum diecasting machines from 280T-800T, and 3sets hot chamber zinc diecasting machine from 88T-200T.annual production capacity of aluminum and zinc alloy castings 1800 tons. we also can produce different grades of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy products.Furthermore,Each diecasting machine equipped with a program control system for detecting the die-casting machine's production parameters and the working conditions of automatic equipment, to achieve stable and efficient die-casting production, so as to better improve product quality.


DAYE diecasting department advantages


           DAYE machining workshop advanced equipments:CNC machining center, automatic turning machine,data milling machine, automatic drilling and tappying machine,grinding sand machine,polishing machine,sanding machine,drum machine,grinding machine,punching machine and other supporting facilities,which can deal with any kinds of precision parts.


DAYE machining advantages

Machining work include:


         DAYE has an environmental & safety double standards polishing workshop .and with a excellent technology and Quality maturity team and equipments,We provided professional service to foreign well-known furniture and household appliances enterprises.also we have powder coating workshop, Which can be more effficient for product quality management,and improve production efficiency and delivery time to meet customer satisfaction.


Daye surface treatment advantages


           DAYE also has a stable team engaged in diecasting products development for more than 10 years,which can develop new products,design and manufacture mould.On the quality management,we passed ISO9001 quality management system certification,product quality is also dependent on independent quality management department to guarantee.



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